iStaySafe Personal Safety Solution


iStaySafe Personal Safety Solution

Keep in touch - for most people this casual statement carries little importance. But for some people in our community, keeping in touch  can be vitally important.

We believe that making peace of mind simple starts with making sure everything we do and say conforms with our brand promise. Providing user friendly connectivity defines iStaySafe's purpose.

Everything we do, we do to ensure the safety of those who chose our products to keep in touch.

Peace of Mind Made Simple


With no complicated set-ups, iStaySafe personal safety device uses its own SIM card, allowing it to connect to the mobile network without the need for a separate mobile phone. iStaySafe's custom build software platform is available in the form of an iOS and Android app as well as offering a desktop login. The convenience of monitoring multiple device from one screen allows you to keep track of the whole family, all your customers or all your staff. This ensures the device is the easiest solution to use for the wearer, providing them security and peace of mind at any time.

This device is specifically configured to the needs of the independent living, lone worker, domestic violence and disability markets. Integration with A1 grade 24/7 monitoring centres is available with a silent duress alarm confirmation option on the device if needed.



Press the dedicated SOS button for three seconds and your device will send an alert and your location via SMS and/or email to your emergency contacts or a 24/7 monitoring centre. An SOS icon will appear on the device.

Mobile phone

iStaySafe personal safety device can call and receive calls from the six pre-programmed numbers. You can send and receive voice mail messages from these trusted phones as well. 

Receive SMS messages

Receive SMS messages from trusted phones. Six trusted contacts can be stored. 


iStaySafe personal safety device uses a combination of GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi positioning technology to provide accurate location information when needed in the event of an alert or an emergency situation.


Multiple geo-fences can be easily created to provide notifications when the wearer leaves or enters a designated area or safe zone. These alerts can notify your nominated authorised contacts.

Detailed reports

The secure software platform provides detailed reports on notifications, locations and even an historical playback. These can assist in determining behavioural patterns for wearers with dementia or with intellectual disability. 

Easy to use app and web interface

User interface and alerts are multiple device optimised for iOS and Android and desktop. Our app and online console allow an authorised user to set and change features of the watch to suit the wearers situation. The TicTocTrack software platform is custom built and securely hosted in Australia.

Multi screens x4 TTT

Easy to Access

Download the app on your phone and set up your subscription to manage devices. Our administration web interface is flexible to use with any iStaySafe device and can be set up to manage all devices for a family, facility or bureau on a single login.


Flexible to suit changing needs

As requirements of the wearers needs change so can the settings, making iStaySafe personal safety devices ideal for any type of situation. All changes can be made on the go.


Keep In Touch 

iStaySafe personal safety device provides a number of ways to keep in touch. One way and two way voice, SMS and voicemail messages from up to six authorised numbers. All iStaySafe devices can be connected to a monitoring centre for 24/7 connection.


iStaySafe – Solutions for Peace of Mind

iStaySafe is based in Brisbane Australia where we make innovative products that help people keep in touch in a variety of situations.

We have been developing this product alongside YOU, our wearer and in doing so we have created a product that is fully customisable in our app or web interface so that it can be tailored to suit a variety of consumer’s or facility’s needs. The iStaySafe personal safety device enables the wearer to be mobile, unlike ‘home based’ alarms that do not offer coverage outside of your home or facility, it’s with you wherever you go.

From aged care to lone worker, our products are designed to help you find:

Independence for those wearers wanting to the freedom to go outside of their home and remain always in touch in case of an event occurring.

Peace of mind for the loved ones and carers wanting to ensure they are always able to keep in touch with the wearer.

Security for employees with lone workers at night or in high risk situations.