iStaySafe - Solutions for Peace of Mind

iStaySafe is based in Brisbane Australia where we make innovative products that help people keep in touch in a variety of situations. Our K.I.T Connectivity Solutions is bespoke, meaning that we manufacture this product and do not rely on third parties to provide a device that is ‘off the shelf’.

We have been developing this product alongside YOU, our wearer and in doing so we have created a product that is fully customisable in our Client User Console so that it can be tailored to suit a variety of consumer’s or facility’s needs. The K.I.T watch enables the wearer to be mobile, unlike ‘home based’ alarms that do not offer coverage outside of your home or facility, K.I.T is with you wherever you go.

From Aged care to lone worker, our products are designed to help you find:

Independence for those wearers wanting to the freedom to go outside of their home and remain always in touch in case of an event occurring.

Peace of mind for the loved ones and carers wanting to ensure they are always able to keep in touch with the wearer

Security for employees with lone workers at night or in high risk situations.