Where will your technology and devices work?
The K.I.T Personal Safety Devices operates on the 3G mobile networks across Australia and internationally. This means it will work in similar areas to a mobile phone and with the same limitations (e.g. it may not work in an underground basement or in remote areas away from coverage). It is recommended that you check cellular (mobile) coverage in the areas you will be likely to use the device. Telstra advise the eventual switch off of the 3G network will not happen until June 2024.
Can K.I.T Connectivity Solutions be used as a duress alarm for personal safety?
Absolutely. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions personal safety device is designed to support the lone worker as well as persons working or visiting threatening locations. The K.I.T functionality includes 2-way voice with the option for 1-way (security mode) audio, dedicated duress button, check-in function together with worker down functions (fall alert and non movement alert). It can also be integrated into a 24/7 monitoring centre for high level support and support.
How is your technology different from an app?
K.I.T Connectivity Solutions are just that a device and On line Client Console that is mobile optimised so it works on everything from a computer to a smart phone. It is a dedicated, standalone personal safety device, with its own SIM card. Unlike an app you do not need to unlock the screen or look at the device to be able to trigger an alert. Furthermore, it can be carried discretely on a belt loop using the snap on accessory, so even if your smartphone is snatched from you can still trigger and SOS alert from your K.I.T device.
Can your technology be customised?
iStaySafe, an Australian company, developed the device and own all of the software solution meaning that we have flexibility, that some other products don't, to tailor to bespoke corporate clients needs. Please let us know what you may need and we can advise accordingly.
How is K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device different from a panic alarm?
Panic alarms are generally limited by functionality and often have little or no status displays, relying upon you to understand what each blinking light means. They also are not designed to be worn as a watch, so are restricted by form factor. Your K.I.T Connectivity Solutions personal safety device also includes additional features such as auto answering for selected numbers, geo-fence and area alerts, fall sensors etc. plus you have access to our dynamic Online Client Console to view the status of your device at any time.
What if I am unable to wear a watch?
Wearability is key to ensuring that K.I.T Connectivity Solutions is flexible and able to adapt to individual needs. Available as an optional accessory, a snap on clip changes the POD from a watch worn device to a carabiner, key ring or pendant device. The snap on accessory does not need to be removed to charge as it easily connects to a supplied charger. It is a simple process to change from one form factor to another.
What if I have a pacemaker
The device does contain a magnet and those who have pacemakers will need to seek opinion of their clinician if they are wanting to wear the device as a pendant around the neck. The pendant attachment does allow for the the device to be connected to a carabiner which can be clipped onto a belt or bag, if the wearer does not want to wear the device as a watch.
What if the wearer keeps removing the K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device?
There is an optional accessory that can be utilised in this instance. A discrete locking strap is available which secures the device to a person’s wrist. In addition, by using the non-movement alert setting the watch can be set to send an alert if there is absolutely no movement detected from the device for 10 minutes (excluding when it’s on charge) meaning that the person has taken the device off and it is stationary.
Can the K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device be worn in the shower?
Yes, the 'POD' is rated IP67, which means it can be worn in the shower with the watch strap attachment in place.
Will my K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device work with 4G?
The network that is utilised is 3G mobile network. The important factor is the frequency of the network. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions uses 850MHz, 900MHz and 2100MHz frequencies and the 4G network uses the 2100MHz frequency. In Australia the 4G network is primarily used for data with calls dropping back to 3G. If you are not in Australia check if these frequencies are available in your region. Check Frequencies Telstra advise the eventual switch off of the 3G network will not happen until June 2024.
How do I maximise my battery life?
If you are experiencing low battery life there could be a number of things you can do to extend this
  1. Contact the place of purchase to discuss increasing the time between location look-ups
  2. Limit the number of voice calls and only use this feature in an emergency
  3. Ensure that you keep the watch on charge for a full charge period and see the battery full status before taking the device off of the charger. Also ensure that you only charge the device using the supplied charger.
  4. Turn off any alerts that are not needed or used
  5. Keep the screen brightness at the mid level setting (your place of purchase can assist you with this)
How do I charge the battery?
Every device is supplied with a charging pad and a power plug. Simply plug in the charging pad to the power plug and hover the POD over the charging pad, it will click into place as it is magnetic. It will only go on correctly one way when the magnets on the POD and charging pad align. If the device is off you will see the large battery charging ICON. If the device is on you will see the small battery icon in the top right hand corner flash to demonstrate it is charging or remain solid if it is full. If either of these are not visible, check the charging pad is connected correctly and the power is turned on. Check that the magnets on the device are clean and free of oil and dirt and that the pins on the charging pad are clean and free of first by gently wiping with a lint free cloth whilst disconnected from the power source. The device does contain a magnet and those who have pacemakers will need to seek opinion of their clinician if they are wanting to wear the device as a pendant around the neck.
How do I know if my K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device is low on battery?
At 20% and 5% of battery life an alert will be sent from the watch to the server, any nominated contacts that are set to see low battery alerts will receive an SMS and/or an email. The device will show low battery ICONS at 5% and 20% and if you have vibrate enabled it will also vibrate at this time. The device shuts down at 2% battery life. The battery level can also be checked at any time via the Home page on the map location bubble pin.
Do I need a SIM card?
Yes, you will need a Nano SIM card. This is provided and the costs included with subscription.
Where do I find my phone number, IMIE and serial number on the device?
The IMIE, phone number and serial number will all be provided to you at the time of purchase. The serial number is etched into the back of the watch and the IMIE is available on your Online Client Console. The mobile number can easily be obtained, if not known, by placing a mobile number into the number set to dial and so when calling them your number will be displayed.
Does K.I.T Connectivity Solutions comply with regulatory requirements?
Yes. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions fully complies with all mandatory regulatory standards for sale of products in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are responsible for setting standards that all mobile communication products must be tested against. These tests include Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC), Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR), Electromagnetic Radiation and various mobile network interoperability tests to name a few. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions carries the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) which is represented by a triangle with a small tick, the CE mark (Europe), FCC (USA) and (recycle bin icon) to prove it.
Is WIFI available?
Yes, WiFi is used as part of our positioning system however connections to regular WiFi data networks is currently not supported.
Are the materials used in K.I.T connectivity Solutions safe?
Yes, K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device has been manufactured using safe and hypoallergenic materials and fully complies with the EU Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive 2002/95/EC.
How do I check for firmware updates?
Log into the Online Client Console using a PC and select the device you wish to check for updates on. By placing the device onto a charger and connecting it the PC you will then click on search for updates on the General Settings page. If you have not download the software, a set up wizard will take you through this the first time and install a short cut onto your desk top for use at any time.
Is my data safe?
Security is a high priority and as such your data is stored in government approved servers located in Australia and our data is encrypted to ensure privacy of our clients. You can see our full privacy policy here.
How do I add or change any settings?
All settings are changed via the Online Client Console. You will be given a User name and Login when you purchase your K.I.T Connectivity Solutions product. If you do not receive these, please contact the place of purchase to obtain them. To ensure your settings are secure please do not share these log in details. You will see a menu at the left hand side of the main home page. Toggle through these to find the General Settings tab where all of your general settings can be placed and changed at any time. This includes what numbers your top and lower left hand buttons will call, your nominated SOS and alert contacts and of course the name and picture you would like to set for your device.
I cannot see anything on my device face, what's wrong?
Potentially nothing is wrong with your device. The device face is not touch screen to make it easy to use and ensure wearers are not complicated by multiple screens that can be confusing in an emergency situation. To see the time on the device simply touch any button briefly, no longer than 1 second and the watch face will show for the designated time you have set in the Online Client Console. If you cannot see anything when pressing any button, then place your device on charge for at least 2 hours and try to turn on by pressing the top left silver button. If this does not work contact your place of purchase.