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K.I.T Connectivity Solutions

Keep in touch - for most people this casual statement carries little importance. But for some people in our community, keeping in touch  can be vitally important.

We believe that making peace of mind simple starts with making sure everything we do and say conforms with our brand promise. Providing user friendly connectivity defines the iStaySafe company promise.

Everything we do, we do to ensure the safety of those who chose our products to keep in touch.

Peace of Mind Made Simple

Simple to set-up, iStaySafe Personal Safety Device uses its own SIM card, allowing it to connect to the mobile network without the need for a separate mobile phone. This ensures the device is the easiest solution to use for the wearer, providing them security and peace of mind at any time.



Press the SOS button for three seconds and an SOS alert and your location via SMS and/or email will be sent to your emergency contacts.




iStaySafe Personal Safety Device uses a combination of GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi positioning technology to provide accurate location information when needed in the event of an alert or an emergency situation.



Two-way phone

iStaySafe Personal Safety Device has its own SIM card and works like a mobile phone. It can call up to 6 pre-programmed numbers. You can also call the device from any of the 6 nominated phone numbers as well. 




Multiple geo-fences can be easily created to provide notifications when the wearer enters or leaves a designated area or safe zone. These alerts can notify your nominated authorised contacts. Multiple geo-fences can be set by date, day and time. 

Easy to use Web Interface 

Our interactive web interface allows the authorised user to set and
change features of the watch to suit the wearers situation via any internet enabled device.

Multi screens x4 TTT

Easy to Access

Log in using the login menu on this home screen and save it as a favourite for easy access. Use our web interface without any complicated set-up menus or functions to learn and no need to download an app as we have made the web interface flexible to use on all devices.


Flexible to suit changing needs

As requirements of the wearers needs change so can the settings, making K.I.T Connectivity Solutions ideal for any type of situation. All changes can be made on the go using a tablet or mobile phone.


Keep In Touch 

The easy to read and navigate home page makes it easy to always stay connected to the wearer. The simplicity of the web interface is matched on the device with the wearer not having to concern themselves with complicated touch screens to change menu settings. K.I.T really is a total Connectivity Solution.