Many personal emergency alarms only work around the home, restricting your independence and freedom. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions device is lightweight, at just 51 grams it can be worn just like an everyday watch. Flexibility and discreteness are core to our product offering and so we have designed the 'POD' to be adapted from a watch to a worn device using a snap-on accessory, enabling fast transition the POD can be attached to a belt loop, a handbag or a pendant. 

As a wrist worn device, we have paid particular attention to the look and feel of the included strap to ensure that it is soft whilst remaining durable and easy to clean. Every watch comes with a black strap included in two sizes, additional accessories can be purchased including a discreet lockable buckle.

KIT Watch
KIT pendant

Customisable Features.

K.I.T Connectivity Solutions offer the benefit of being able to be customised to suit individual needs via the Online Client Console (OCC). The result is a bespoke device that is so much more than a watch that tells the time or pendant device that only works indoors. From the device you can make and receive calls, auto answer an incoming VIP call number or reject all calls when set up in the Online Client Console. Below are just some of the features included.


Fall sensor

Should the wearer be prone to falling or work in a high risk height environment, the built-in Fall Sensor, when activated, can contact your nominated emergency number and alert your nominated contacts.

 Location Assist

K.I.T Connectivity Solutions are designed to assist to locate the wearer in the case of an emergency. When an alert is triggered the device uses a number of location parameters and an algorithm to configure a location available to view on the Online Client Console. 

Geo Fence

Via the Online Client Console, a Geo fence perimeter based on an address location or a polygon drawn perimeter, can be utilised in providing a safe level of independence to the wearer. The Geo Fence works using GPS satellite and so the wearer will need to be in an outside location to enable this feature to operate successfully.


Medication, Food, Drink
& Transport reminders

Everyone is busy during the day and sometimes we forget important things like taking medication or that we are being picked up for an important event. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions can assist with this and enable visual and haptic reminders 24-hours a day. These are all easily set up in the Online Client Console.


A black cross hatched button is easily located on the right lower side of the POD. In the case of an emergency needing to be triggered the wearer presses and holds the button for 3 seconds and the nominated Alert Contact will receive the SOS alert and a phone call initiated. The nominated alert contacts will also receive an email and/or an sms to let them know that an event is occurring.


K.I.T Connectivity Solutions uses SSID to find a MAC address when you are in an indoors location. This will work where Google has provided this information. If your home address isn't available through Google we can assist to ensure your home location is always available, just contact us to find our more.



The bathroom can be hazardous with wet tiles, slips and falls are common. Its important then that the device is waterproof to enable you to wear it in the shower and wet areas. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions provide IP67 rating for our device. 

24/7 monitoring

We have a number of options available for 24/7 connectivity to a call-monitoring service. Our partners are experts in their field and we will connect you to the most appropriate centre depending on your needs as a lone worker or when you are requiring medically trained personnel.

Security Check-In

Your safety and security is important and with K.I.T Connectivity Solutions you are able to utilise the check in - check out function to alert an employer that you need assistance or an event occurs whilst you are in an unknown or at-risk setting.